Mantorp Park

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So yesterday was my debut in V8 Thundercar, the premier hold place at Mantorp Park. The whole weekend the focus (for me) was to learn the car, which I think I manage pretty well. All racecar drivers are extremely competitive so I won’t say that I’m satisfied with my results, but I for sure think it’s a pretty good start! Race 1 I started on P9 and finished on the same position, Race 2 I started P9 and after a great fight the last 3 laps I ended up in 7th place.

Except from the racing experience this weekend I got to know most of the team and some other drivers, and I must really thank everyone that worked for Bryntesson Motorsport, for an amazing job on the car, funny and humorous dining, and so much more! Also congratulate my team mate Mattias Lindberg that won both of the races, great job everyone!
Can’t wait for next race weekend!!