P4 Västmanland


Hey guys!
Today I visited my local radio station, maybe some Swedish followers heard me? It aired 11.00 today on P4 Västmanland! I’ll share the link with you guys later today! ☺️
If you wanna hear it, klick here.  (only swedish)


BMW M235i Racing

EL - 071Hey Guys!!

Sorry for all my secrecy, and delay, but now it’s official! This season I will drive in the 24h series with this beast! BMW M235i, together with the team QSR.
I’m so exited, this is by far the biggest step in my career!
If you guys are following me on instagram (@emelieliljestrm) you could see some sneak peaks from when I was in Belgium, on Zolder test driving this car, I was super nervous but it felt quite good. Everything is new for me, bigger and longer tracks, different car, different brand, new team, and another language! But as I said, apart from all of this i’m so extremely exited to get back in to the car and face all the setbacks and front catch that will come this year!
See you guys in Paul Ricard!

Season 2016


Hi guys!
Today I had an awesome monday! Have had lots of meetings and couldn’t be more exited for this season! This year is going to be fantastic! Stay tuned, I might even tell you guys next week what kind of challenge I’m up for this season 😉

Wish you all an amazing Monday!

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Happy New Year!



2015 is already over, and WOW what a year!
I had my debut in STCC, which was the biggest step in my career, but as many of you know unfortunately this season didn’t go as planned.. But I have grown so much in my driving and in myself! This year has been one big lesson, and I’ll take all of its lessons with me in 2016. I have gotten so many kind words from each and everyone of you guys, and you all have supported me in a way than I never could’ve imagine! And for that I am forever grateful! 

But so much have also happened in my personal life, I have grown so much in myself, I have lost some of my best friends but on the way, gotten so many new ones! I have learned how to battle adversity but also success. I have worked over 6 jobs over the summer to get as much experience as I can, for myself, my future, but also to know how to handle different situations.

Last but not least, I have met several wonderful persons that have gotten stuck in my heart, I’m talking about team members, friends, fans, supporters, all of my wonderful sponsors and partners, also my supportive personal trainer!

I hope all of you had an awesome year and that this year will be EVEN better! And I’m hoping that in a few months I’ll be able to release my plans for 2016 season!
This year will be kicking!

Ambassador Search 2015


Hej alla vänner & bekanta och allt där emellan! 😀

Jag har glada nyheter att presentera att jag är en utav de 4 finalisterna av Better Bodies Ambassador Search 2015! Och behöver nu er hjälp, det vore sååå gulligt om ni ville slösa en minut på att lägga en röst på mig så jag kanske vinner!

Man tävlar om ett sponsorkontrakt, 100.000kr och massa andra fina priser!
Så vill ni hjälpa mig, rösta på mig HÄR, och sprid detta vidare till vänner, familj, bekanta, arbetskollegor och allt där emellan!
Kram på er!!

Hello friends and acquaintance and everyone in between! 😀

I have some good news to announce to all of you, I’m one of the top 4 finalists in the Better Bodies Ambassador Search 2015! And now I need your help, it would be soo sweet if you would waste a minute to vote for me so I might win!

In the competition you compete for a sponsorship, approx. 13.000$ and lots of other fine prizes!
So if you would like to support me with your vote, you can do it HERE, and share this to all of your friends, families, acquaintance, employees, and everyone else!