Ford 2017

Hey everyone!

I know some of you have been waiting patiently for my release of what i’ll be doing this season, and its finally out! I’ll be competing in the V8 Thundercar series, in a Ford Mustang together with the Swedish team Bryntesson Motorsport.

You can read more of the release here.

Also shortly I will reveal all of my wonderful sponsors who, without them I wouldn’t be behind the wheel again!


3rd place at Circuit Zolder


This weekend I raced together with the team QSR again, this time at Circuit Zolder. It was really cold in Belgium at first after a while the temperature started rising. FP went pretty bad actually, the car was a bit understeered and I couldn’t get enough warmth in the tires as needed to push. And for qualification.. I don’t think I’ve ever in my life done such an awful qualification, everything just went bad, couldn’t find my ”flow” ether in the car or the track.. But I re-focued, checked som data and was pretty ready for the race. I did an amazing start and sat good laps, so when I had driven my stint, I left over the car as the leading one, so it’s a pity we missed a chans to win the race. But anyways it feels so great to have gotten that podium! :)

Racing again 12th of November, also on Zolder. So i’ll be ready! :)

14589580_1225908710781855_5995836278313875598_o 14615811_1226530440719682_5764561706282265142_oPhotos: Gregory Eyckmans


Circuit Park Zandvoorth

As we speak I’m on my way to the airport, heading back to Sweden. Yesterday’s competition went so good! I’m happy with my run, the qualification went better than expected and I drove 1,5 h in one stint (I’ve never been driving for more than 35 minutes in a stint before) and when we switched driver we were in second place!! Although we lost our podium chances because of a penalty ..(Edit: I’ve heard the penalty is under investigation)  But I’m so happy with the competition anyways, although it would’ve been nice to be on the podium in the first ever race outside of Sweden 😉 we’ll take em’ in Paul Ricard!

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P4 Västmanland


Hey guys!
Today I visited my local radio station, maybe some Swedish followers heard me? It aired 11.00 today on P4 Västmanland! I’ll share the link with you guys later today! ☺️
If you wanna hear it, klick here.  (only swedish)


BMW M235i Racing

EL - 071Hey Guys!!

Sorry for all my secrecy, and delay, but now it’s official! This season I will drive in the 24h series with this beast! BMW M235i, together with the team QSR.
I’m so exited, this is by far the biggest step in my career!
If you guys are following me on instagram (@emelieliljestrm) you could see some sneak peaks from when I was in Belgium, on Zolder test driving this car, I was super nervous but it felt quite good. Everything is new for me, bigger and longer tracks, different car, different brand, new team, and another language! But as I said, apart from all of this i’m so extremely exited to get back in to the car and face all the setbacks and front catch that will come this year!
See you guys in Paul Ricard!